Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society
Miami Springs Senior High Scrapbook 2000-2001
2001 National and State Scrapbook Champions!

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Chocolate Frog Cards I
Wizard - Dumbledone
Membership Page
Leaders (Hawkwarts Intro)
Leaders with Pictures
House of Koskulus
Calculus with Pictures
House of Tam (Precal)
House of Amoebra
Algebra II with Pictures
House of Luigeo
Geometry with Pictures
House of Smilgebra
Algebra I with Pictures
Chocolate Frog Cards II
Hawkwarts Express
State with Pictures
State Convention (FAMAT)
State with Pictures
State Cup
State with Pictures
State 2000 Results
State with Pictures
National  Convention
Nationals with Pictures
Nationals Event Schedule
Nationals with Pictures
Nationals Event Schedule
Nationals with Pictures
MAO Nationals Results
Nationals with Pictures
Tri-meet with Knight
Tri-meet with Pictures
Naples Comp. Results
MAO Naples with Pictures
Palmetto with Results
Palmetto Invitational
Stoneman Douglas
Stoneman with Pic
Plant City Invitational
Plant City with Pictures
Vero Beach Regional

Vero Beach with Pictures
Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay with Pictures
Practice and Tests Divider
Early Bird
Early Bird Pictures
Statewide Interschool Test
Statewide Interschool Pics.
(TIME) Tests
Tests with Pictures
Chocolate Frogs (Sponsors)
Fundraisers Divider
Money Drawing
Carwash Pictures
Hawkwarts Bank
Data Match with Pictures
Activities Divider Page
Banquets (Two Banners)
Banquets with Pictures
Santa Clause on  Motorcycle
Nursing Home Pictures
Eating Pictures
Dragon and Castle
Pool Pictures
Railroad Picture and Cave
Seniors Divider Page
Hawks Class of 2001
Fourth Years Pictures
Senior Page
Silver Knight Pictures (2001)
Mirror of the Future
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Publication Clippings
Club Newsletters
Post Service Clippings
People on Broomsticks
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Scrapbook Spotlight Seats
Scrapbook Pictures
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