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Notebook Grading Guidelines 

Calc/Stat Math (doc)  (pdf)
 All Research Classes Research(doc)  (pdf)
2.4 Dual Enrollment Folders (doc) pdf

Java (doc)  (pdf)
Notebook Grading Sheet 

Statistics, Calculus(doc)  pdf
Research (doc) (pdf)  d
 Combined (doc)  pdf   
2.4 Dual Enrollment Folders (doc) pdf

Java(doc)  (pdf)

Program Grading Sheets 

Self Scoring Research.pdf          Self Scoring Research.docx

Self Scoring Math.pdf        Self Scoring Math.doc

Java(doc) (pdf)

Robert's Amazing Notebook Instructions

 Cornell Notes pdf (doc)

Cornell EXAMPLE pdf (doc)

Tables of Content

Word Doc PDF
Notebooks Journals, Reference  TOC for All Classes journal.pdf
Homework, Tests  Homework for All Classes toc.pdf
Student Information Sheet (doc) (pdf)

Class Rules

Beginning of the Year Forms for Math

Beginning of the Year Forms for Research

Classroom Procedures  Class Procedures (doc) Class Procedures (pdf)
Homework Policy  Grading Homework (pdf)
Beginning of Year (BOY) Math.pdf

Beginning of Year (BOY) Research.pdf
Word Viewer If you don't have WORD


Daily Progress Report - Regular Classes(doc) (pdf)

Daily Progress Report - Research Classe(doc) (pdf)

 Practice Test Reporting Form PTRF (pdf)  (doc)

 Team Reporting Form TRF (pdf) (doc)

9 Week Practice Division Competition Report (doc) (pdf) 

pdf  Study Group Application

How To Request A Teacher Recommendation(doc)  pdf

EB Division Report.pdf

Parent Viewer Cover Sheet 24 
Algebra 2 pdf's Postulates

Exponents a^0  pdf

Addition(word)  pdf Relations  pdf
Online practice for quizzes and tests


Multiplication(word)  pdf Reciprocal Proof  pdf
Matrix Multiplication visualized as a rotation of a closed figure  pdf Arithmetic Operations  pdf Some Important Theorems PDF
Algebraic and Logical Notation  PDF
Update Moodle Name Instructions (pdf)  (doc)
10 Day Syllabus for Precalculus
Other Useful Downloads
Mu Alpha Theta Timer(zipped folder)

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