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The format of the competition is as follows.

Individual Tests

  In the first session each student will have 60 minutes to answer 30 questions.  Students will write each answer on an answer sheet.  Be aware of several things.

bulletNo calculators will be allowed
bulletQuestions are NOT ordered by difficulty
bulletEach student will submit one answer sheet.
bulletNo student is expected to answer all or even most of the questions.  These are competition level questions and many may be beyond the skill level of a particular student.  

        Sample questions: Individual       and      Practice Individual

Topics may include: addition, solving linear equations, ratio, exponents, mean/median/mode, arithmetic sequences, area, volume, multiplication, factors, division, distance, surface area, counting, venn diagrams, distance/rate/time, sequences, number bases, time, logarithms, place value, ordered pairs, palindromes, angles in polygons

Team Tests

In the second session students will compete in teams of four students.  The team test consists of 4 rounds of 10 questions.   Each round has a theme.  The questions are based on Algebra, Geometry, Potpourri and Probability.  The four team members will have 15 minutes to try to solve the 10 problems from each round.  The team will submit one answer sheet.

Sample questions:
Algebra  and Practice Algebra Team
Geometry  and Practice Geometry

Topics may include: greatest common divisor, math puzzles, exponents (powers of two), square root, perfect squares, reflections of ordered pairs across lines, ratios, external tangents to circles, money (coin problems)
Probability  and Practice Probability

Range, Combinations, Paths, Rearrangements (Permuations), mean/median/mode, Venn diagrams, probability