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It is the STUDENT's job to maintain and track his/her class grades.   

What Can You Do to Maximize Your Child's Grade

bullet1.  Keep track of academic progress by regularly viewing the gradebook.  Parents should sign a progress report each week.  This is a part of your child's final grade.
Parent Viewer available at http://miamisprings.dadeschools.net/Html/GradebookPIV.htm
bullet2.  Look for Z grades.   Be particularly aware of assignments with a grade of Z.  This grade means that the assignment was not attempted (i.e. no work was submitted1Z grades that persist are especially troubling.  Make sure that all missing work is done and submitted as soon as possible.  Assignments and Grades may be viewed using the Parent Viewer.
bullet3.  Be aware of your child's computer and cell-phone usage.  Many of our students spend hours playing with these devices.  (Check the total hours per month!!)  Discourage cell phone/computer usage at night.  Many students send and receive text messages all night long.  It is impossible to get proper rest if the phone is buzzing throughout the night.  

Here are some articles about the dangers of cell phone abuse.

bulletNight Texting
bulletExcessive Mobile Phone Use Affects Sleep In Teens, Study


1What To Do If The Assignment Is Too Hard.

Many student neglect to turn in an assignment because they feel that the work is impossible.  For some assignments that may even be TRUE.  Homework can be occasionally extremely difficult  Here's what a student should do in this case.

1.  Write the problem statement out completely. Submit with regular homework.
2.  Leave room for notes and work to be completed at a later time.
3.  Complete the missing work in RED and re-submit when complete.  Do this sometime before the end of the marking period.  the earlier the better.

If this is done the grade never be a Z.  If done sparingly, such and assignment can be eligible for full credit.